Color profiles

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If you prefer a linear color profiling, then you should add an ICC color profile to your installer. Note however, that some color profiles may dramatically modify the user’s images and lead to reclamations. They only make sense, if your printing machine really requires an ICC profile to map the sRGB colors of the images to the colors of the printer. Here’s the corresponding section of the Products.xml:




ICCProfile is the filename of the .ICC profile (sRGB color mapping) which is applied to the whole page (all objects & text) right before upload. The filename on the users PC is relative to:



We have included a demo in the Source\4all.EN folder of the SetupWizard. This file should lie in the source folder of your SetupWizard subshop, along with the masks &  textures resources. The file will be automatically extracted to the above folder during installation or after download from the DataPackURL.

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